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” “Nothing, master,” she said, and kissed me longer.

Your two credits allow you to choose without restriction.” Satine pressed another button.

“I’m looking for some and I don’t know much about them.” “Well,” the girl asked, “what’s her coloring and complexion? A large metal spit was inserted into Satine’s anus. I felt a wisp of air and Emmanuelle was there, beside me.

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At first, she thought I was playing a game with her. The entire place was stocked with all sorts of goods and supplies. My beach house was routinely provisioned with food and basic supplies by the island’s housekeeping staff, but everything else on the island was purchased through this Commissary. And Simone sported a pair of finely-shaped D-cup knockers that immediately made me want to caress them. Anything you order can be delivered here, usually within two to three days.” “And the Femmes? “As you can see, there are currently 53 Grade-C Femmes available, 21 Grade-Bs and seven Grade-As. ” “I can leave you if you wish to be alone...” “Not at all, Satine,” I said. I’d like your input.” “Very well,” she said, happily. There were seven Grade-A’s; one redhead, four blondes and two brunettes. “Price: $200,000 or one Grade-A credit.” “She’s pretty,” Satine said. but I already have a redhead.” “Well, we’ll continue on! “Gillian: five-six, ninety-six pounds, natural blonde, age 18, student.” “Mary: five-seven, one hundred and eleven pounds, natural brunette, age 31, housewife.” “Vivian: five-six, one hundred and two pounds, natural brunette, age 42, lawyer.” “Giada: five-eight, --” “Wait a minute!

Directly inside was a long checkout counter with two blonde ladies behind it. “It’s nice to meet two such beautiful ladies.” I liked the way Satine’s blue eyes sparkled. “I see that you have a credit of two Grade-A Femmes on your account, Mr. Most supplies are available on the island, but we don’t have enough storage space to keep everything you might want in stock. “Our most popular feature is an interactive database of every Femme available on the island.” She pressed a few buttons. “Annabelle: five-nine, one hundred and twelve pounds, natural redhead, age 23, registered nurse,” Satine read from the screen. Vivian.” Satine clicked and a larger image of the woman in question appeared on the screen.

“Well, I love her all the time, but in the way you mean... “Say it,” I demanded, as my cock continued to plunge in and out of the blonde. Tina quickly kissed her, lapping my come from the redhead’s jaw. I entered beside the Commodore and my mouth fell open in surprise.

” Hand clamped around her windpipe, I could feel her moan and nod. I gave it to Tessa, spraying her lips and lower face. Then to me: “This way, Evan.” “I hope that Devon and my girls are permitted inside,” I queried. “Any clothed woman inside is considered out of bounds unless and until her master decides she’s not.” I gestured to my girls and they followed, somewhat reluctantly. My cock plowed hard into Emmanuelle’s mouth, pressed past the entrance to her throat and she had me all the way in.

If she was anything like her mother, she needed a firm hand. I can call you when they’re ready to be picked up.” “I’ll wait,” I told her. She pressed a few buttons on the tablet to complete the transaction. Simone will be available if you need anything else.” And she left.

The girl, Gillian, has yet to go through the training regimen...” “I’m sure, Satine. “I’m afraid that it will take some minutes to track them down and prepare them. “I thought that you two might be out here,” Enya’s voice came from behind us.

She picked a few packages from the shelf; trying to explain in the vaguest possible terms the purposes of the exotic stuff. “That’s a really pretty name.” “Thanks.” “You’re not owned by anyone,” I said, pointing to her black collar, “which means that you’re a worker. “You see,” I told her, “I’m not so bad.” I pulled out of her and did up my pants. I know I will.” When I turned back, I saw that Enya had joined Emmanuelle and the Commodore. It had a slit skirt that bared her leg to mid-thigh. Their faces met mine and I kissed their lips, one pair after the other. “I want to assfuck your daughter in front of you.” Twisting the young brunette around, I pressed her against the side of the pool. Emmanuelle got behind me and, pressing her tits against my back, moved with me in firm fucking motions.

I looked into her hate-filled eyes and saw a flicker of passion there. “You look wonderful tonight; as magnificent as your mother.” I eyed the black, sleeveless number. My hands locked around her neck and I thrust harder. Aroused, I fucked her daughter hard, ramming my cock up her worthless ass until I came with shutter. “I want your lips wrapped around my cock, right now! Enya hooked an arm about my neck and hung off me, looking down as her submerged mother sucked me off.

6 Chapter Nine – Class Reunion I was so engrossed in my work that I didn’t hear Devon when she came up behind me.

I only realized when her hands caressed my shoulders.

It’s Gillian, the Grade-A blonde.” “Vivian had a daughter,” I whispered.

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