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These activities are free for members and are usually open to non-members for a small fee.Most Club members are expatriates based in Kinshasa, but there are also members from local business, academic, artistic, social, government and international circles.This special collection emphasizes collaborative and multi-level approaches to the prevention of and response to teen dating violence (TDV).

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It is through the support of the entire community that our work will endure, and survivors of abuse will find the hope and strength necessary to rebuild their lives.

Welcome to the International Women’s Club of Kinshasa!

Right now, there are countless women and children who fear for their lives and their futures because of the threat of intimate partner violence .

By contributing to our mission , you are providing the precious gift of safety to those who need it most.

The International Women’s Club of Kinshasa (IWC) is a social and philanthropic membership-based organization comprised of women from local and international communities.

In addition to providing a social space for women from all over the world, the Club also provides assistance to local community projects.Women’s Center & Shelter has been a trusted and respected resource in the Pittsburgh Community for more than 40 years, offering hope and healing to women and children who have suffered from the devastating effects of domestic abuse. We are a source of hope for victims of domestic abuse.By offering a holistic approach to healing, our programs and services for women and children offer the safety and support they need.DONATE NOW Domestic violence can affect anyone , regardless of race, religion, gender, age, nationality or economic class.Every day in the United States, 3 women are murdered by a current or former male partner.While most materials in this collection focus on TDV prevention and response to young people in high schools, we acknowledge that TDV prevention also includes outreach to younger teens in middle schools and older college students, as well as youth who are not represented in our system of education (runaways, homeless youth, etc.).

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