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Even though incest is a taboo in many places in the world, it is not entirely impossible that accidental subtext can sneak in, either unintentionally or surreptitiously.This can originate from the author intentionally playing with the closeness of the characters' relationship and slipping into romance, even though nothing serious was supposed to come out of it. " There is another variation, when the attraction itself is textually there, but the characters are not literally blood related, so openly sexual relationships can also have incestuous subtext.Growing up is hard enough as it is; imagine going through the transition twice. Not only did he have to mature himself, but through his character Edmund Pevensie, too.

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Read on to learn about Keynes’ experience in Narnia and beyond.

How old were you when you first started making these movies? Do you think you've picked up any of Edmund's characteristics having grown up playing this character? I’m 19 now and it’s been nearly seven years, but it’s really not seven years.

The stakes are far higher this time around because he makes his return to Narnia without his big brother and now assumes the role of High King.

So what’s it like for Keynes when he’s not decked out in knight-like attire and wielding magical swords? Keynes enjoys the action and adventure involved in making the Narnia films, but also values his privacy and his opportunity to study at a university.

In some works, especially comedy ones, this is usually Played for Laughs involving Lampshade Hanging, and can involve a Digging Yourself Deeper speech: "It's Not What It Looks Like! For example, in Japanese works, girls might use Japanese Sibling Terminology for a guy (or especially a girl) they are in love with.

A Relative Error can come across this way (either intentionally or not) if the original "romantic" scene is a little too convincing. Contrast Incest Yay Shipping, where subtext may or may not exist but fans create a relationship regardless.

See also Relationship Writing Fumble for when any Incest Subtext was Though she didn't often think of it herself, and never, ever allowed herself to seriously dwell on it (except late at night, when she was trying to get to sleep, and she couldn't help it then), Gwen knew how he felt about her.

She was 99.99 percent sure that Grampa didn't know, and there was no way on earth anyone else could know, so that meant it was just her and Ben, their secret, their secret that didn't exist because neither of them would admit it existed except in their heads, where no one else could hear or suspect.

The Princess grew aware of how tightly she was clinging to him.

Their proximity engendered a wash of confused emotion.

With a little help from Aslan, Edmund learns his lesson and emerges as a young man worthy of the title King Edmund the Just of Narnia.

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