Who is kd aubert dating

New York City, London, Paris, and Los Angeles might be the place these famous artists currently call home, so it is a surprise to learn about the humble roots that so many of them possess. Aubert was born Karen Denise Aubert on 6 December 1978 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aubert is the perfect example of a high profile citizen with humble roots.

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Societies around the globe have a tendency to think of models, actresses, and other entertainers as people of elite upbringing from the epicenters of entertainment around the world. In fact, few would probably guess that Aubert is of creole descent, but one look at her birth and everyone would soon realize this international beauty’s looks come from her creole heritage.

When she wasn’t playing for the Aztec softball team in college, she was participating in theatre; it was just something that seemed to draw her in.

Aubert’s beauty was “discovered” while she was working behind the makeup counter at her local Macy’s location.

She knew from a young age that a life in front of the camera was her destiny.

Throughout high school she participated in school theatrical programs and performed in school plays.Her gig with Elite put her in the spotlight of numerous major campaigns for brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Noxzema, Frederick’s of Hollywood, and Escada.As the limelight intensified, Aubert found the worlds of television and film opening up to her.Her life wasn’t all about what the public saw on the big screen or small screen at home.Aubert’s modelling and acting endeavours merely helped to open the door to more important aspects of her life.While hosting the MTV show “Kidnapped” in 2002, she landed a role in the cult classic film “Friday After Next” on her very first Hollywood audition.

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