Who is juno temple dating

After a year, in January 2013, Michael was witnessed supporting his new girlfriend Juno at the Sundance Film Festival at the premiere of her new film, where the pair made their red carpet debut as a couple.

The duo cuddled and held hands as they posed for the photographs.

The rising star, Juno currently seems to be dating a producer and writer, Joshua Thurston.

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Being on the set of films from an early age and seeing that glitz and glamor in her parent’s life could be reasons she took up acting.

She was a good dancer from her childhood, but not a very good student.

In October of 2016, Juno shared a picture of herself kissing Joshua where she wished him 'Happy Birthday,' exhibiting her love towards the man.

Juno's relationship with her boyfriend is going on very well, and she never misses a chance to show her love towards him.

She is a charming girl and her shiny face that always lightens with her a smile and her self-confidence.

Besides that, she as gorgeous lips, bright blue eyes and long blonde hair to make her looks more appealing.

Juno even wrapped her arms around Michael and kissed him before leaving the Film Festival.

Undoubtedly, she loved having him around and was pretty much happy with him; but unfortunately, the couple ended their long-term relationship in 2016.

All in all, they enjoy each other's company very well!

However, Juno's love life was not the same in the past; she had a failed relationship with Kristen Stewart's ex-boyfriend, Michael Angarano, which began back in 2012.

Despite the failure in relationships, life always gives us a second chance, so that we can correct something that went wrong in the past.

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