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Some punctuation characters, such as dollar sign ( package.

Use the unescape function to unescape an escaped URL before information is extracted from the URL.

For more information, refer to the Request For Comments (RFC) document RFC2396.

To give a rough analogy, if you're in your house with some friends and someone asks where your next-door neighbor Mark lives, you'll probably say "Oh, he's next door." You probably wouldn't say "On a planet called Earth, in the United Stated of America, in Acmetown, on 32 Foobar St." if this conversation is taking place in the living room of 31 Foobar St. Relative URLs are something like that; they're the equivalent of saying "down the road, turn left, walk on for a few blocks, you can't miss it." They only make sense if they are given within a certain context. This will be added to the base URL to form the URL that I want to match.

In most cases, figuring the absolute URL from a relative URL is just a matter of concatenating the base URL and the relative URL, as in the example above.

An escape_url cannot recognize the need to escape those characters because once inside a URL, those characters become indistinguishable from the actual delimiters.

For example, to pass a name-value pair in the URL that denotes the use of a query string.

The answer is that the characters after the question mark are an HTTP query string.

An HTTP query string can contain both variables and their values.Indeed they do, but that is not the reason for their use.There are other ways to save time if you're that lazy, such as editors with shortcut features.So Javascript redirection is not search engine friendly and it is better to use other redirection methods that return status code: 301 Moved Permanently.I am looking for something similar to your great script. Javascript redirect does not return 301 permanent redirect status code.

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