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Provides syntax highlighting, code snippets, quick documentation reference and robust code generating commands.

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Any snippet, macro, or command can be executed by pressing a keyboard shortcut, by typing a particular word and then pressing the “tab” key (so-called “tab triggers”), or by selecting the command from a menu.

Tab triggers are particularly useful; the combination of tab triggers and snippets greatly eases coding in verbose languages, or languages with commonly typed patterns.

For instance, the title of one of the links in the “External links” section has the scope: This scope tells us that we are looking at a link title within a link within a list within a Media Wiki document.

Text Mate themes can mark up any scope, at varying levels of precision.

In June 2009, Text Mate 2 was announced as being about 90 percent complete, but with an undisclosed final-feature list.

Odgaard stated he prefers receiving patches as public domain as this preserves his ability to release a future version under a more permissive license, or to make a version available on the Mac App Store.

Snippets, macros, and commands can be limited to a particular scope, so that for instance the “close html tag” command does not work in a python script, freeing up that keyboard shortcut to be used for something else.

This allows individual languages, and even individual scopes, to override built-in commands such as “Reformat Paragraph” with more specialized versions.

This project was forked from a simpler version by Matt Petrowsky. You can access that in the bundle menu or in the support folder.

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