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Even if nothing results from your endeavor, at least you can say you tried getting involved in something other than Netflix. Going to a gay bar at least lowers the chance of you accidentally hitting on that girl you keep seeing in Starbucks who you hoped was a lesbian.Most college towns only have one gay bar for miles, attracting people from the community who you may not have met otherwise.

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Datebound allows non-gender binary (you have more options than simply male/female) and helps you find people without leaving your couch, a must for lazy people like me. Most campuses have at least one LGBTA group on campus, oftentimes pertaining to particular subsets of the LGBTA community.

These clubs, relating to LGBTA outreach, different races in the LGBTA community and support groups, often work in conjunction with the LGBTA center on campus.

And when you align as LGBTA, you suddenly always worry whether the person you like finds you attractive or just has a penchant for sitting close and maintaining good eye contact.

Suddenly, sitting at home and staying on Tumblr looks like a good idea, doesn’t it?

If you’re unsure what to say about yourself, try asking a trusted friend what he or she thinks are your best or most attractive qualities.

…unless, of course, you’re looking to let guys know right off the bat that you’re a jerk and they shouldn’t waste their time talking to you.

Yes, your campus probably has one tucked away somewhere, and this is where you find queer folk in between classes.

We eat there, socialize there and even play board games there.

How many times do you really want to hear, “Sorry, I’m straight,” before you decide to become a spinster at age 22?

Let’s face it: it’s difficult to put yourself out there when it comes to dating.

Wear a No H8 shirt, volunteer, put rainbows on your backpack; say that you’re here, you’re queer and you just want to go on a date.

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