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I think Ms Penny might need to get out of London a little more often and widely. She does eventually get round to something approximating an insight.

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Patricia – I like your writing style, it’s very thoughtful and balanced.

The subjects we address would need more than an encyclopaedia to deal with properly.

She wants to have her description of who ‘us’ and ‘them’ are, what ‘we’ and ‘they’ are like, what ‘they’ think, why ‘they’ think it, and upon what nasty grounds ‘they’ decided. This article is not simply a lament from one side of an argument. Just a little reminder of the Leavers and the country they are arranging for us – hate-filled, crabbed, cowed racist and xenophobic. Let those Leavers get in charge and this is what we’ll all get. To me they smell of Blaire and Cameron and the debt -fuelled fictions of the last thirty years of Thatcher and sons.

It is a thinly veiled exercise in condescending bigotry. Unlike the future if we let the author and her friends in Remain be in charge – which will be one where we all have options and choices. Ah, so the lizard brained cowards are allied with White, small-town Tories?

Laurie Penny begins by describing the vote as a victory of, Straight out of the gate, Ms Penny suggests that Remain was guided by ‘common sense’, while Leave and its voters were ruled by prejudice, naked xenophobia or craven fear. Apparently the referendum was a painful catastrophe of good people with common sense, being smothered by a mob of stupid people. Does the author have an inkling where this stupidity lurks? And this lizard-brained, lack of caring goes along with a selfish concern with their own personal welfare. No room here for different reasons, different thinking, different world views.

The author seems above all to want to control how we see the debate.

I have been listening to Brexit and it has been unedifying.

My lasting impressions is that there was very little actual listening going on. And over all my impressions is that there was very little listening going on. People may not always have shouted over each other. No, we waited with rictus smiles until the ‘other side’ had paused for breath and then shouted past them. Each side seemed uninterested in finding out why the other side felt as they felt.

If I want to blame anybody I do blame the media who vilify a group based on the actions of individuals. Most small towns here are intensely communal and they welcomed new comers in the past and I am sure they still would.

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