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I am a single, white American male, 44, living in a large Midwestern city.I contacted this 33 year old, single woman, after joining the Absolute Agency dating service, in January 2001.For the sake of brevity, I won't put the whole correspondence here, though I am including her photos and her email: [email protected] My boss promises to pay my salary in 19 days, but will you wait me, honey? Our acquaintance is so unusual and wonderfully for me and I do not want that we parted because I have problems with Internet. I sent one final letter advising her that, I found a site, with "her" letters on it, word for word, she is a scam artist, and I would contact so they could try and screen their members better. Our city very small and I already have despaired to search The person for life. Maximum height above By sea level up to 700 meters. Year Educations 1939, and since 1954 - regional centre of the Magadan area Average temperature in the winter -18, summer 13. Duration of the shortest day approximately 6 hours Territory in thousand square kilometers 1199,1. We with the girlfriends often visit(attend) cinemas and we look various films. My mum call Tatyana Ivanovna, it is the very interesting man. If I to create the family I I think that in the attitudes(relations) with the husband the complete trust to each other, I will be main To consider(count) that it is a pledge of strong family. I have received from you the letter and the life for me was filled with sense.

Lastly, I would ask that, if possible, you will bring legal action against her. I'd like to tell you something about me too, for you to know me closer. It is absolutely green in summer and now it is white and covered with iced white snow. In general, I must say that I love all those small but important things that all normal people must like. I was suggested to come to them as soon as my international passport is ready , take the money and sign the contract with them about their services and the money I will pay the for it. If you send me the money the end of this week or the beginning of the next week I will go to them and start the boll rolling, as they say. My garden is very far from me, I have to cover a long distance to get to it. $270.00 She also called a few times to tell me she missed me. We should trust each other because we love each other and we soon will meet. It's very expensive, and our medicine is in a very pitiable condition therefore I must pay for operation. If not time, I would find stayed $230, but I haven't time. Now I am obliged to make all that in my forces to help her. For approximately 2 weeks this proceeded, exchanging letters and photos (her's were always of better quality than mine, how odd, especially in the Rodina (motherland))and then the pitch came.

I will cooperate with you in this matter in any way possible, which would include, if you wish, sending you all of the pictures she has sent me so that you can see how many other profiles she has listed with your agency. I love my town indeed, but I'd like to travel to some other beautiful countries. I like when the sun shines and don't like when it is very cold and there is nobody to warm me. I'd like to know a little bit more about you, your family, your dreams and hopes in life. Now about the money, I have checked up the cost of the tickets, you know two way tickets are much more cheaper than one way! Yes, you were right, the first letter came to me on the birthday, but I got it only two days later. But it is more kitchen Garden as we call it here, but still I managed to put some flowerbeds in it. And, to answer you last question I would say, an early bird catches the world. I knew something was up when she gave me a different birthday. I called to a uncle in Moscow and he has told that he can find the ticket with the discount for me, but for this purpose it is necessary to know where is the nearest international airport to you. But it costs $370, and I managed to collect only $140. "Ekaterina" claimed that it would be $ 240.00USD for a B-2 Tourist Visa and that her uncle (who "happens" to work at an airport) could get her a discount fare.

And the description she gives of herself is the same as that which was given in the January profile for Alya A592629. Thanks God, I don't cough any more(touch the wood):)! When I woke up my mother told me that I was smiling. But now don't remember it unfortunately, otherwise I would write you in detail my dream. I totally agree with you about the time for me to come to you. So, we agree upon this that the first two weeks of June will be perfect for both of us. I went to the tour agency to ask them about everything. By nature I am communicative, cheerful, honest, loyal, sensitive and optimistic. If you can send me this money through the system Western Union. ), lives with her father Vasily (a boiler serviceman) and her mother Tatyana( a school teacher) (I did find a Tatyana Ershova via internet searches, who is and educator on several councils in Russia, but not in Magadan), is Orthodox Christian, and she doesn't smoke (except in one picture, she is astride a horse and holding a cigarette! She mentions her loyal sheepdog Tuzik, who protected her from an attack (Rin-Tin-Tin and Lassie combined, I presume) and the men in Russia who are all drunks and smoke and want to drag women into bed.

I hope that you are running a lawful service and that my very bad experience is an exception. I like very much to receive guests and to make picnics with them. I can understand your worries about the time we are to separate. But to tell the truth , I think more about our first meet, how our eyes will see each other for the first time. I think, it would be very interesting for both of us. So, they told me that now is the calm or quiet time for them, people don't want to go out to have a rest. My main life goal is to create a happy, united family with a faithful, honest, sincere and loving man. Only necessarily write to me on mine present e-mail: [email protected] my love Duane! Money must be sent for my name to the address branches: When you will come to the bank, there to you will be given the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) which consists of 10 figures. Once I saw on the TV advertising Western Union system. After several letters (never on the weekends, and usually a day's response lag time, also word for word from letters on this site) "she" began professsing deep love and writing poetry (I found in a letter that one of us have posted on this site).

She then wrote back immediately saying that it would be too long. She again wrote back saying that she lived in a student hostel. Then, after I questioned her motives, she wrote back, saying: She then proceeded to send me her photo, even letting me know that she was the one "in the blue dress," as if she were trying to get me interested in her!

I had a hard believing how brazen she was, to deceive me, then try to come on to me!

Sure enough, in a letter on June 6, she asked for money to pay for an internet service. I hope with your help I can write to you without problems.

She sent me this letter: My girlfriend has told me, that it is best to receive money through firm "Western Union". But I do not no what address give you as I live in a hostel. I never used this firm, but I hope, that all will be in the order.

I finally did hear back from her again and she told me that she had been out of town taking care of her sick grandmother, who had died, and that she had to spend 0.00 of the travel money I had sent to her, on medicine for her grandmother.

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