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Free drinks and a hundred bucks, that's what we were being paid and it wasn't like we could drink much and still play. My eyes watched him as I drew my mouth of him slowly, sat back on my heels, licking my lips, tasting him, enjoying that taste. "But you're a bit of a cock-tease, Alex." Which wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear. " "Sure." That Saturday night gig was over, Mikhail's band were packing up. A couple of drinks and I'd got to cover a track when Laney needed a break to sober up a bit and yeah, it was Amaranth, and I'd got applause. I'd called Mom and Dad when we left but this time it was a three hour drive but hey, you played where you got the gigs. I'd told Mom and Dad that Mikhail was driving, we'd need a coffee break on the way home but we hadn't stopped except that once and we were way ahead of when they'd expect to see me back. In the back and lying together, his arm under me, his other hand busy pushing my top up and tonight I made it easy for him by peeling it over my head and using it was a pillow. He was looking down at me now, smiling, breathing hard, satisfied. "I love you, Mikhail." "Yeah, babe, I know you do." His arm was around me and I wanted him to say he loved me but he didn't. I really wished he'd say something else though, like he loved me or something. The place'd been full, they'd loved our saccharine music, we'd got applause, we'd got asked to do requests and the manager'd paid us double so I'd actually made enough to cover gas. Mikhail's band's gig had been awesomely great and they'd played to a packed out club and he'd got to do some great solo guitar riff's and he was just the best. I was totally buzzing and it was even better that Laney was really angry with me. Shouldn't get hammered when you're the lead vocalist and I'd had three or four more to celebrate and I was, um yeah, I was staggering. " I asked, "My head's, like, totally spinning." "Sure," Mikhail said and we did, taking off as soon as his guitar and amp were in, Mikhail driving. His hand rested on my leg, sending little shivers through me and it didn't help that I was wearing a short skirt. I thought about that for a moment, looked at the time. Breathless anticipation with that frisson of fear that he'd finally take me where I wanted to go but was so scared of going. Maybe they'd even give me a spot for a song, they did covers too and hey, what can I say? "Oh fuck yeah, Alex," he groaned, "suck on me baby ...

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" Mikhail's band did death metal, they were starting to make a name for themselves. I wanted him to feel good, I wanted him to enjoy this, I wanted to satisfy him and I was going to suck him until he finished in my mouth.

"Wanna come along to our gig next Saturday, maybe do some backing vocals? My jaw was starting to ache from sucking on his shaft but I didn't care.

Okay, this was a fast fun story to write that I finished off in a screaming hurry between other writing projects except in the end it wasn't that fast.

It's written for the 2018 Literotica Valentine's Day Competition (after I started it for the 2017 Valentine's Day Competition and didn't get it completed in time) and okay, it's about 40k words / 11 LIT pages so it's not a short one.

I lugged my amp and speakers and guitar out to my beat up old wagon. An hour and a half later, in the basement at home, I was getting carried away, despite my parents being upstairs. What if this was the one time they did come downstairs. I sucked hard, licking him as I pulled back, licking the tip as I lifted my mouth from him, blowing air over the tip, feeling his body tense as my mouth slid down his length once more.

"Old dude over there wants you to do Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. " "Sure we can do that one." I finished my drink, jumped back up onto the little stage. Another hour and I'd be done the Roberta Flack impersonations. Mikhail helped Sadie and Megan and Sandy load their gear in Sadie's old van that one of her brother's had given her for her eighteenth birthday. Mikhail wasn't really the sort of guy that committed. Without a pause, I opened my mouth wide, took him in my mouth, slid my lips down his shaft, down until the tip of his cock touched the back of my throat again and my lips met my fist where I clasped him.

Leaving the mike, I smiled at the non-existent applause and jumped down of the small stage, leaving Sadie and Megan and Sandy to keep playing background music.

I give you all of me, And you give me all of you, oh oh...." My voice faded away. Or, and bite me if you don't like her, Pat Benatar.

This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a review.

The author asserts her moral right to be identified as the author of this story. Definitely not a Romance although there's Love in there.

As in, I was doing my best to push all of one boob into his mouth good. I worked my head up and down on him now, looking up at him as I sucked and licked, sliding my lips up and down his shaft.

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