Prewar gibson mastertone banjo dating

Ken Landreth212512521512521 There are many "pre-war" Gibsons w/o serial numbers, probably way more than Gibson ever made.I'm ALWAYS suspicious when these come up, especially when described as "one-off" and custom. It was a special sample model."If you see enough authentic Gibsons, you look for the Gibson hall-marks in fit, finish, style.

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Even the experts can be fooled, because there are some really good old fakes out there and there are often authentic anomalies, the classic "floor-sweep" models, etc.

Having a serial number in itself is not a sure-fire way of authenticating, either._________________________________________This too shall pass...

Gary My RB-75 has the serial number (F5883-1) stamped into the wood on the back of the peghead..has no number stamped in the rim or written in the resonator.

The same is true for the other two banjos known from this batch (F5883-4 and F5883-5).

Doug Sometimes we assume in today's time that nobody tinkered with a banjo back in the 30's like we do today.

I got started playing the banjo by my granfather who played in the old vaudeville days.

He always talked about playing at the old Howard in Boston and how dirty the pit was.

In the early 50's (I was just a little one @ 8) my grandfather had a room full of banjos and was always taking banjos apart and putting them together. My point is we don't really know what anybody did back then.

Thanks a lot of the non mastertone models in the late 30.s were stamped on the back of the peghead, not in the wood rim. I have a TB-75 flathead that has no serial # on the rim, but it does have a Mastertone decal.

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