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In this case, we want to create a slicer based on the “Region” field.So we catch hold of the pivot table, tell the application that we want to create a slicer for the “Region” field and then specify the specific coordinates and the shape in which we want it to be presented to us 🙂 where Region is the name field that we want to build the slicer for.Slicers, as you would know, are the latest introduction to Excel.

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I have a worksheet in Excel 2010 with several Pivot Tables from different sources.

I want to change the the filters for the month field.

I have three columns on the table however I do not physically put any data into it.

When the other spreadsheet is updated the references automatically place the values into my table.

In our case, the slicer for the “Region” field has four unique items – East, West, North and South.

Let’s see how we can turn on (and off) the item “West” within that pivot field using VBA. It makes great sense to provide descriptive and unique captions to slicers when you have more than one slicer based on the same field for multiple pivot tables.

I have had a look at other "auto-update" and from what I saw they wanted you to type some information in to make it "refresh" the auto-update.

I have is two separate spread sheets and I have a table with filtered headings and I have a sheet with raw data.

My_Region is the name that has been assigned to the slicers object.

Once you have created the slicer, the very next thing you would probably want to do with it is to turn on and off various items within the slicer.

If the error still persists, goto the slicer button, explicitly create the slicer for that field and then go back, right click the slicer and remove it.

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