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"She was easy to talk to and fun to hang out with."Jim said that visiting Ana's family in Georgia would sometimes result in strange looks."Her hometown was fine, but nearby Atlanta was interesting to experience," Jim said."There were many long looks from others in the city."Their wedding brought up some awkward moments for Ana and they mostly revolved around her hair."For the wedding I decided to wear a weave instead of going natural," she said.However, it seems that Dempsey may have seen him coming.

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In the last 30 years, the number of interracial marriages in the U. Today, 15 percent of newlyweds are crossing the racial divide.

In 1980, 7 percent of new marriages brought together people from different racial or ethnic backgrounds, reports the Pew Research Center.

"Kiel grabbed my hand and held it up like we just ran a marathon or climbed the top of a mountain."Ana and Jim Foley and married with a son Noah. "The honest answer is that he happened to be a straight male at our arts and communication college," she said. "I had never met anyone who was as goal-oriented as I was."Jim Foley said that he just liked being around Ana.

"Ana and I had great chemistry from the time I met her," he said.

Today, nearly two-thirds of Americans say they're fine with people marrying someone of a different race.

In 1986, only 28 percent of people agreed with that statement.

"Unfortunately, this perplexed most his family, and as people hugged me a few of them mentioned, 'wow, I didn't know your hair could grow so fast.'"They now have a baby Noah (who may be the cutest baby this author has ever seen), which brought up some concerns for Ana's mother.

She was afraid that her grandson would look white."Throughout my pregnancy my mother was worried that the baby would be born without any melanin," she said. Her favorite phrase was ' I'll buy him some self-tanner.'" However, when Noah was born Ana's mother was relieved."Moments after Noah was born Jim sent out a picture," she said.

"Since becoming half of one, I realized just how many more are out there.""Being an interracial couple in Boston is pretty easy to be honest," Chapleau said. Russell knew he wanted to see Lauriston again even if she wasn't on the same page initially.

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