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It will depend on the organization but in most cases you will see that it Cached Exchange Mode will be enabled both for desktops and laptops.

Excluded are desktops which are used as flexible workstations.

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When there is no connection this functions are not available.

If there is a connection with the Exchange Server it can happen that these functions are working slower then normally.

A disadvantage of Cached Exchange Mode that the OST file is only cached locally.

When a user is working on another workstation a new OST file will be generated if not available.

Impact of Cached Exchange Mode on Outlook functionalities Besides the earlier called scenarios there are some additional functionalities which are influenced when using Outlook in Cached Exchange Mode.

Below an overview of the functionalities: These functions require a connection to the Exchange environment.

When the connection to the Exchange server is not available you don’t have access to the mailbox.

Cached Exchange mode When the Outlook profile is configured in Cached Exchange mode a local cache file will be created from the mailbox.

Black Berry devices Cached Exchange Mode used i.c.w. The cause in most cases is that the mobile server will download the message after the message has been downloaded to the Outlook cache file.

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