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There were very few things that could rile a 25 year old Naruto Uzumaki up.

Yeah, things have been hectic and I know I should have said we were on temporary hiatus or something but we didn't so thats my fault.

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As his clawed destiny sped towards his chest, a detached part of his mind found it morbidly ironic that his soon-to-be-ex girlfriend agreed with him, literally.

As in, her clawed arm digging out his chest cavity.I'll let you guys know though, while we didn't have time for writing since work simply consumed everything, although things have sort of settled down.I'm currently working as veterinarian in nice sunny Australia, well apprentice vet anyway.End Game: Ver R Chapter 1Humble Beginnings Disclaimer : Disclaimer : I don't own anything. I do own the concepts and plots that I introduced into the story.Also, because of the connection between Highschool Dxd and multiple Relions and Myths, I am sorry if I have accidentally written something wrong and offended someone's belief/faith etc.Playing for hours in front of the PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone is not healthy and parents should monitor their kids when they are online, some games can become addictive.

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