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And now I get a good picture, and can change channels, but audio (and video, I think) runs too slow and stops after a few seconds.While I am using Virtual Box to do ssh exports here onto Windows 7, I'm not really interested in making my life hell by trying to ssh into the myth box and setting up W7 in a virtualbox just to export the screen back here, etc etc I just got a SD subscription and all the analog channels added, but watching live tv does not work. When I went back to try ALSA:mixed-digital, I found that it was still set to ALSA:spdif... Viper SBT: But ALSA:digital and ALSA:mixed-digital are both in there if you've compiled with ALSA support (or if you're using packages, you should have ALSA support). I used to do regular updates, driven by the paranoia that some of them might be security related. My capture card works fine in Kaffeine when in Mythbuntu...

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It's almost like antialiasing turns off on channel change with softblend and the osd goes blocky.

That's the only reason I use xvmc – it's really minor and xvmc works fine for me.i'm trying to add a slave back end and the master isn't behaving right so i figure i'll just start from scratch with the settings, the master's been upgraded from 0.19 to 0.21 fixes over time without being reset/reconfigured/anythingah neat i can patch it myself :) i just wasn't sure what the best way to do it anymore was, otherwise i was going to dump the database with phpmyadmin and just edit that up and hope i don't screw it up :)I have a front/backend server setup that I can watch live tv and recordings on, I just set up a frontend only box, and can connect to the backend, but all I get is a blue screen when I play a recording or livetv!

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is there a way to quickly change between different players in mythtv? in case internal fails to play some files I'd like to use mplayer and it's kind of painful to go to the settings and every time type it there and change it back to internal afterwardsaplay -l **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** card 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 0: ALC662 Analog [ALC662 Analog] Subdevices: 0/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 card 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 1: ALC662 Digital [ALC662 Digital] Subdevices: 1/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #0After updating to trunk I now get: mythfrontend: tv_play.cpp:2739: void TV:: Kill Timer(int): Assertion `id' failed. I'll try to play one and I just get a black screen for a few seconds and get kicked back to the recordings page Well, justin, the only thing is that I know someone with an almost identical setup who has ripped over 300 dvds (all legitimately owned may i add) without issue except for a few that were heavily scratchdd And... I have this remote control that sends keys for like 350ms, making repeating keys on my "real" keyb impossible faster than 350ms :/waxhead_: of those 6 no more than two know a particular area of code, so for example I know almost nothing about the video decoding/rendering side of things, but Mark K is an expert there and he knows nothing about the UI codelyricnz: if you had actually persisted, shown some patience and understanding then maybe you would be a commit access dev by now – it's something that has to be earned by showing maturity and competence through multiple patch submissions (and not just one liners either)mzb_d800: ok I've installed 'Shepherd' and it all went ok ... and when I click enter on watch tv the screen goes blank for a split second and then returns me to the Myth TV menu I don't much like being called unfriendly nor the other devs because most of them bend over backwards to help others, not to mention spending huge amounts of their free time working on Myth TV without any sort of rewardso guys just before I get the backend logs...

local time zone on the machine seems to be correct.

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Rye Brye: FC10 boots in 'text' mode, with bar growing along the bottom line until it fills the whole line except the text "Fedora 10" in the bottom-right side... FC10 didn't boot my new machine at all when I tried one of the later betas of it – and after trying for a few hours to get it to install I just gave up and went with another distro – I hope you have better luck with the release version on your hardware than I did with a late beta on mine I'm running trunk on my backend which is x86_64 – and am going to set up a frontend tomorrow which is a on a P4 machine – but I'd rather use my extremely balsy backend / frontend to do the compiling rather than compile everything on the P4 machine itselfno idea, then... And was reading the default file, which I didn't update, just the one in ~mythtv/lcd/..d0nets FN: I suggest you use "Live TV" to test your blaster — jump around channels, and test to see if the IR blaster coul be positioned better, or if something may be interfering with it.

You'll probably need to find an HVR-1600 user and tell them Myth seems to be asking for 32k Hz audio when recording on the HVR-1600 in spite of recording profiles being set to 48k Hz and see if they have it working/what differs.iamlindoro: not too rough at all... You may also need to change the delays in your channel-change script. and it doesn't take that long on some systems (like my AMD Athlon XP 2400 based system using Schedules Direct).

I have it setup as a v4L device, whenever I go to watch livetv the screen says "Please Wait", then it goes back to the menu page. Dagmar: just to confirm or or should launch mythweb if configured properly and is my mythbackend / mythweb box rights?

The Fedora "out of box" setup for mythweb in F12 isn't working.

ugh...o2T7: that's almost definitely because you have specified the master backend ip and/or local backend ip incorrectly.

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