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Right, now pay attention for the Nissan GT-R Nismo, because this is where it gets complicated.The Nissan GT-R – this one is the R35 generation – has been around since 2007.

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There are many reasons you’d want one, and some reasons you’d still think twice. I’d be surprised if it were turning a bigger profit margin than most supercars, given there are lots of hand-built elements, such as the engine, while in terms of performance, the GT-R is embarrassed by nothing, and you get a lot of options and carbonfibre as standard.

Either way, Nissan will have no trouble selling the two dozen or so Nismos that are heading to the UK, and their drivers will have no trouble enjoying them.

But the majority of testimonials about internet dating since it hit the South African social scene in the early 2000s are surprisingly akin to the complex, messy, hit-and-miss tales that have always defined romantic relationships.

A typical internet dating tale reads along the lines of: “I met some cool people, some of whom became good friends,” says 40-year-old Cindy. “The fact that both romances did not go anywhere in the end can’t be blamed on the fact that I met both men online.

But there are a few other exterior aero tweaks around the front end, to increase downforce while not adding any more drag.

Finally, although the standard GT-R shell is stiffer, the Nismo is still the recipient of extra chassis stiffening enhanhcements of its own.

The Nismo gets the same interior changes as the regular GT-R, meaning that the button count on the dashboard is down from 27 to 11.

That’s a good thing, and with it comes a separate rotary controller for the 8.0in touchscreen, which is otherwise a bit fiddly to use at speed.

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