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And it's amazing how much of that has trickled down to the most affordable levels of audio.Especially in the UK, for instance, the most tightly contested price point for loudspeakers is the 0 to 0 range.If the company was a character in a '40s movie, it would have been played by Ralph Bellamy. The speaker is biwirable, utilizing four plastic-nutted, but still quite respectable, binding posts.

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Britney didn't make a big ripple in Hollywood with the release of her girlfriend-road-trip movie, "Crossroads," but she continues to top the charts nearly every year with the hottest new beats; or so we've been told.

After becoming an instant success in 1998 with her debut album, , featuring the slutty schoolgirl song of the same name, the young pop princess has matured into what the media would like to refer to as a diva.

About Me: I am new to this whole dating online thing.

I look forward to making real friends and hopefully finding a special one.

Schools have cut music education as a cost-cutting measure and children are growing up unaware of any music dating before 1985. Yet, professional-quality high-resolution source material has never been easier or cheaper for the average Joe to come by, and hi-fi, even very good hi-fi, has never been more plentiful.

In fact, the average level of speaker building has grown so sophisticated that all but the finest loudspeakers of a decade ago would seem hopelessly colored today.

IMDB An online database of Britney's sparse film and TV career.

College Humor: Britney Spears Some of the funniest and sexiest Britney pics.

Over there, if a speaker company can't compete in that price range, it hasn't a chance of making any money -- and the competition is brutal.

A company can't just churn out a cheap box stuffed with any old driver. Except for the products of a few large speaker companies though, most of those savings evaporate by the time they get over here.

After all, that just might mean us Yanks could get a real bargain for a change.

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