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Satisfied that the area is deserted, she moves around to the other side of the car, opens the passenger door, and motions for the other occupant to get out.

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Then, moving behind her, she produces a pair of handcuffs from the pouch pocket of her sweatshirt.

The girl remains facing forward and doesn’t see the handcuffs until the driver takes hold of one of her wrists.

Her breasts are not overly large but are full and rounded and match her frame perfectly.

She doesn’t sunbathe in the nude, so her breasts stand out in creamy white contrast to her tan, as does her bottom and pubic region.

A dark blue four-door sedan emerges from a residential street near the small college campus at the edge of the city, onto a major arterial leading into town.

It travels several miles into the heart of the city, heading for a large park near the downtown area.

Has somewhat less action than we see in most stories and more psychological stuff, including more serious and deeper conversations.

The story starts as a forty-something female assistant to the dean at a prestigious college finds a way to blackmail sweet young freshman girl into realizing exhibitionist fantasies she was never able to act out herself.

The park is huge, nearly a mile square, bounded by thoroughfares on every side.

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