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- 1202 Walter de Alfriston sues Herlewin de Rande for one hide of land in Wington in an assize of mort d' ancestor. - In 1194 Hugh de Cahains paus for his land in Bedfordshire and Philip and his wife Herlenga hold land in Wilegh (Bedf. This was probablty confiscate land of Walter Hertfield, the king's enemy (CCRlit). - In 1236 Gilbert Fitz-Richard - see above - sued William le Rus for 20a of land in Hertfield in an assize of mort dancestor.- Walter de Alfriston between 1220-30 witnesses a charter by Hodierna de Cobford, widow of Robert de Aliston, to Milo de Maufe (Robertsbridge CH n 137). In the same year the abbot of Bayham sued Henry de Hertfield for his service due for his tenement in Eastbourne with appurtenances (SSX FF).Note: Charter by King Edgar for Esthall: Edgar gives Esthalle to the monasterie of Abingdon, consisting of 4 hides. Witnessed by King Edgar, Dunstan, archbishop, Oxcutel archbishop, 3 bishops, 4 abbots, 5 Dukes and 3 ministers (Hist. The abbey of Grestein was founded in 1130 by Hellouin de Conteville near that place in Grestein, part of his demesne land, to which Hugo de Caheines contributed a tenth of his manor of Wiford and 4a of land in Pevensey, Sussex (Dugdale Monasticon, V. Richard de Cahaign appears in 1218, and 1250, William, de Kahan, his son, had differences with Hubert Prior of Lewes abbey in 1202 (SSX FF). - At that date William de Kahains had a quarter fee in Greensted (Red Bk).

- The 4 knights fees, which Walter held, were still in the hands of his descendants in the 13th C. - The Hertfield family, as descendants of Walter de Cahaigne, took their name from their seat at (Hertevel) Hertfield, where a moat can still be seen in the maps.- There was still a Walter de Kaynes in 1256-7, who paid a fine of on mark of gold to have a licence to hunt foxes and other small game in Ashford forest (FFH3). Others say that they came from Cahagnes in Calvados. - William de Cahagnes held land in Northampton in 1086 where he was sheriff between 1070-87) (Regesta V. 76).- Members of the family went on to hold land in Normandy, those who had settled in England, at least till 1204, when King John lost Normandy to King Philip August of France.

- The Gulafre family held land in Bevendean and also in Knelle manor as tenants. The Cahagne family held Cahaignes in the arrondissement of les Andelis, in the Vexin, not far from Connelle, which lies a few miles south at the Seine (Aug. But they probably owned several places, as Wace in his Chronicle of Normandy tells us that Cahagnes lies in the arrondissement of Vire and that the lords of Cahagnes are among the benefactors of the abbeys of Grestein in Normandy and Lewes in Sussex. - One of the family possibly gave their name to Horsted Kaynes, which place will be significant later on. is mentioned in Testa Nevil 1210-12, holding a quarter fee in Kent and is maybe the Walter of Alfriston of 1202, who sued for land (SSX FF).

for attending Henry's court every 3 weeks, which service.

William acknowledges that the tenement is the right of Roger, so that Rogers has to render 2s 6d at four terms each to William and his heirs, and William to render his dues to their overlord.

r, son and heir of Alice, who was the wife of Philip de Beverington, for all the lands his mother held in chief of the King (CFR p. Therefore this Alice must have been a Hertfield, probably another daughter of Walter. 1281 , witnesses a charter by John son of Laurence de Possingworth to Lord William de Heringaud and Margaret his wife (Robertsbridge CH n 263). 1281 Walter rector of Hertfield witnesses a charter by John son and heir of Laurence de Posingworth to William Harengod ( versus Nicholas de Carleton and Lucy his wife regarding premises in Westminster (Ldn & Mddx FF) - The same happens for a messuage in 1293 as in 1284.

- 1266-7 Thomas de Aldham sues and others for 100 s damages they had caused by entering his properties in Brambeltye and elsewhere during the time of disturbances (1264-5) and the waste they had caused (Abbrev. - In 1303 The abbot and Convent of Reading are requested by the King to turn in William de Hertfield the King's serjeant, who now is old and incapacitated, with his 2 horses and 2 grooms. 139)), clearly the four heirs of Henry de Hertfield by their marriages at that time.

Arms: Argent, a cross engrailed gules, crest an unicorn head upon a helmet (church of Fletching) - OR a cross engrailed GU; Crest: a demi lion proper (The British Herald).

- The Dallingridge shield was found carved into the beams of Great Dixter in Ewherst (VCH), and also in the North window of Withyam church impaled with Sackville. 1287), when the manor was conveyed to Sir Henry Wardieu by marriage.

, Thomas Peverel, enfeoffed by Maud de Brom, and John Radmild have 4 fees in Hertfield, Bevendean, Eastbourne and Alfriston, and half a fee which was of Walter de Alfriston in Alfriston is contained in the four fees once of Henry de Hertfield. All held for 2 knight's fees of the fee of Mortain, suit of the King's court, and an equivalent for castle guard at Pevensey, etc. Shortly before Robert's death John Fillol had bought from who was sued in 1317 by John Filliol for one acre in Hertfield and for a quarter part of the advowson of the church.

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