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That being said, if Kim actually did leave Kris at the altar and call off her wedding, Reggie would probably be scared off, right? Now, I doubt Kim would call off her wedding for any reason, but that’s not a testament to the love that she and Kris have.

Kim just wants to get married, and she wants attention, and Kris is fine with it.

First her sister Khloe Kardashian picked a fight with Kanye West’s ex-fiancé Amber Rose, who then turned around and did what the majority of the population would like to do – which is put that self-entitled family in its rightful place – by reminding Khloe that although they would like to think of themselves as classy talented people, they are only known because of Kim releasing her sex tape with Ray J. Lilit who had stopped uploading her weekly workout videos, posted one on Wednesday to her Instagram, and in it we are able to catch a glimpse of what appears to be a baby bump on her fit frame (since unlike Kim she actually goes to the gym to work out and not just for a timed photo-shopped photo op).

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Kim Kardashian is due to marry Kris Humphries next week.

Prepare yourselves, it’s going to be a Kardashian extravaganza.

I just met him briefly a few times and he seems like a great guy.

As the photos show, Reggie threw a BIRTHDAY PARTY for his new girlfriend, a D-list actress named Melissa Molinaro.

The married man and father of two is facing paternity issues from Monique, a Miami woman who is going after the footballer for child support, according to TMZ Sports.

The waitress has hired a Florida attorney to to represent her in the paternity case.

It is important to note that when these bold statements were made that not only had Kim and Reggie been broken up for two years, but Kim was married to Kris but dating Kanye (messy, messy).

It is safe to say that finding out that her one that got away– or more appropriately the one that dodged a bullet – is expecting another child so easily with his beautiful wife is sure to open up those old wounds.

This is especially true considering the fact that Kim has been ever so vocal about her infertility issues.

Although I have a theory that her so called fertility issues are just a ploy so that she doesn’t garner flack if – and I mean if – she should decide to have another child she does it through a surrogate, so that God will not punish her second time by making her gain weight while pregnant (hey Kim here is a little unsolicited advice, if you long to go back to the days that you were thinner just stop with all the butt injections, you are looking like a clown girl). those fake social media accounts that attack Lilit daily are so transparently Kim…

Reggie has allegedly been calling her and begging her not to go through with the wedding: Is Miami Dolphins star Reggie Bush having regrets over ex Kim Kardashian now that she’s about to walk down the aisle with NBA free agent Kris Humphries?

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