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Beauty And The Geek on Channel V is scheduled to air every Saturday at 7 PM in India.

An E4 show called Beauty and the Geek, used to be a guilty pleasure of mine. No, in this case, it just meant a socially awkward person of any gender.

Guilty because while I enjoyed the spectacle of paired-up strangers bringing out the best in one another other, I didn't enjoy the reductive labelling or the sexist gender division whereby the "geek" was always a man and the "beauty" was always a woman. Each week, in Geeks, two groups of self-described misfits, one all-male, one all-female, will be put up in a different hedonistic holiday destination, where their social skills might be tested and improved.

The opposite personalities had to come together and build relationships in order to complete a set of challenges.

The show essentially set out to be a parable for not judging a book by its cover.

So how exactly is E4 defining the g-word this time around? This week, it was Marbella on the Costa del Sol and the lucky/unlucky holiday-makers were a group of three male physicists from York University and the University of East Anglia's female Quidditch team.

Their mentor was Mr Marbella aka a bloke called Ross who turned up to give them a tour of the resort's premier, exclusive, "no trainers, no jeans" nightspots.

Winner of Beauty And The Geek will be announced in the grand finale. The Beauties have to share their social skills to the Geeks.

The couple who change their attitude and learn most will be announced winner of the Show. On the other hand, the geeks have to share their book knowledge to the beauties in Beauty And The Geek TV Show.

The reality Show has been recognized as "The Ultimate Social Experiment".[V] Beauty And The Geek TV Show is based on 10 beauties and 10 geeks.

They are asked to share their knowledge to each other. It is based on a real social experiment.[V] Beauty And The Geek Show is introduced in India after the great success in 22 countries.

Their relationship started long before the events of the Las Vegas episode. I think having the makeover kind of gave him a little more courage to pursue his feelings for me.” Wes said that he is now a hero among his geek friends.

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