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Its at this point I'm thinking how lucky I am to have had both sisters.I go out with the 2nd sister for a good year whilst the 1st sister has since moved out of state.

No cars went by unfortunately but a few pedestrians did.

It was around 1 AM, so I could hear anything coming. As I rubbed my pussy lips with both hands I heard someone go by walking thier dog.

About 6 months or so go by and Im friends with both still and its the christmas holidays and they are both driving around and Sis #1 says,"Lets go see My good friend - who happens to be a guy - and I made a bet once to see who sang the song, "Desserts Miss the Rain".

I said it was Annie Lennox and he siad it was Everything But The Girl.

I will email the exact URL of the page it's on in your site to her when it's up.

She'll be really turned on knowing her backside is seen by thousands everyday.So after the 3rd bump into in the 3rd city we knew it was fate; of course that could have been the drugs and alcohol talking but whos really keeping track.We get back home and bump into each other at a club and as fate would have it we go back to my house and have some awsome sex.We were both adamant that it was the one we picked so we bet.If I won, he'd have to wear one of my skirts around town for a day. I lost and so I took a walk with him on a secluded trail he knows.I told her it would be hot if it was somewhere online and she said, "do what you want with it." - John Here is a few photos of The Blonde Amazon.

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