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My sister and I used to spend most of our days at our aunt and uncles house as our parents both worked a lot, with opposite shifts.

Not unusual for us to see our folks on just weekends sometimes.

The two girls liked the idea and even went so far as making sure their hair was done the same, wearing the same clothes sometimes. My aunt and uncle lived in a very old, very large house which we all enjoyed.

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Very gently, extremely slowly, I peeled the bed sheet back. Not being expert I spent a lot of time trying to force my tongue inside her as deep as I could. Still not knowing quite what to do I started running my tongue from the top of her slit clear to her tight little asshole. Holding myself up on my arms, being careful not to disturb my sister sleeping right next to us I poked my cock around trying to find her hole. She almost imperceptibly moved her ass up and down when this happened. I continued to fuck her for a second orgasm which I also left inside of her.

I was so insane with horniness at that time I think I'd have done any thing. I felt I was incredibly lucky to be doing this with her not even knowing. It had the great effect of coating my cock with her lubricant. Very slowly, again being concerned about waking her up I pushed my cock inside of her tight body. Slowly pulling my cock from her I left the bedroom the same way I entered.

While we talked I sneakily moved the drapes by her bed open a little, preparing for my recon later.

I left the room quite aroused, holding a magazine I borrowed to hide my hard on.

I was about 16 when I noticed that my cousin and my twin sister seemed to be almost flirtatious with each other. My cousin Polly was the same age as my sister and I.

Friends and family used to call us the triplets as my sister and cousin looked very much alike.I laid on my bed waiting until the everyone went to bed.Then I very quietly and carefully went outside to the porch that surrounded this side of the house.She didn't seem to notice but it looked like the crotch of her panties had a dark spot.I kind of wondered if she'd accidentally peed a litttle.There was a full moon so I was thankful for my aunts large plants that kind of let me blend in.

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