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Half the even numbers sat down and the rest worked along the circle, being as charming as they could before the whistle blew.

I have to say, everybody was very polite and had interesting things to say.

It was a warm evening and I had my jacket over my arm.

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People looked around, not fully understanding what they had to do next. I told the guy with me that I was sorry but I was wanting to date someone else. I looked at Ian, he smiled, mouthing what looked like 'save me...' I walked up to Ian, shaking his hand while he apologised to the guy at his side.

The organiser repeated, 'walk up to the person you would like to date.' I saw the first girl looking, as three other girls made a beeline for her. One or two were leaving, their confidence obviously shaken at the rejection. More people were walking out, I asked Gordon if he wanted to leave and we could find another quieter pub.

I plucked up my courage and asked him if he would like to go on a date with me. The days past slowly as I looked forward to Saturday. In that moment, I breathed in the manly scent of him. We entered the cinema and I bought our tickets and walked towards the theater.

He smiled and said 'yes.' We agreed to meet outside the cinema at ten o'clock on Saturday and then go for a swim at the Royal Commonwealth pool afterwards. I kept seeing his face in my mind, and these gorgeous eyes. I arrived ten minutes early, not wanting to give the impression that I wasn't punctual. I saw Gordon in the distance, walking down the hill to meet me. We were going to see 'Fast and Furious.' He led the way as we walked to our seats, just as the film started.

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Wednesday night and I was making my way to a speed dating meeting organised by the local LGBT group in a pub in the pink triangle of Edinburgh.

I thought I was in reasonable shape for my age, I was well dressed and groomed, maybe I was in with a chance.

The whistle blew and the odd numbers took their seats. Quickly, she told me her name, what she did for a living and, amusingly, told me she was into girls, sorry and all that.

She passed out numbered badges which we pinned to our chests.

The plan was that all the odd numbers remained seated while the even numbers moved from chair to chair.

I topped it off with the delicate scent of a nice Gucci aftershave. I was hoping to meet someone tonight and this wasn't looking good.

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