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I often wonder what those people would do if we stopped using stamps or the railway companies blanked out the numbers from all their engines so only they knew what they were. After all what's the harm in collecting engine train numbers or sticking some used coloured bits of paper in a book?

For others their hobby might be home maintenance or collecting foreign beer bottle tops or whatever.

This story isn't based on someone from actual discussions with her and her motivations.

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Some hobbies can consume a great deal of time and become quite an obsession.

For example some people are enthusiasts about their collections of little bits of used coloured paper called stamps.

In my case, I've never done any of those things, though I do have a hobby.

My hobby is a little different from collecting stamps, or train numbers.

This hobby would need some male company along the way and I'm not sure she would've appreciated what I had in mind.

I guess you all must be wondering what kind of man would let his hobby come between him and his longstanding relationship?

I think that some men can become obsessive about their hobbies and their relationships can break down as a result.

I was prepared for that to happen with me but it was sad that it did.

In many ways it's a sad story but above all, it's totally believable. "We all need a hobby." I've always wondered from where that sprang.

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