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So, after a few years of doing things the normal way, I decided to change all of my membership sites so they used a fake login system.I had my programmer make it so that no matter what username and password the customer entered, it would let them in.Another problem is hackers, who can easily get into the site and then they post in various forums how they got in or they post a username and password for other people to use.

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Aside from the programming involved in setting up the system that gives out usernames and passwords, the main problem is that users constantly forget their login info.

And, if you setup a system where they can email themself the lost password, many times it gets deleted as spam by their spam filter.

As far as I know, I am the only webmaster to have ever done this.

Here it is: Almost everybody has used a site where you get a username and password, but you probably don’t know what a pain in the ass it is to run a site like that.

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An example of a site I used this fake system on was Find Cash.com, where people can look up if they are owed unclaimed money by the government.

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