Elliv island dating sim cheat

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Elliv island dating sim cheat

The Elliv Island Dating Sim is a flash game created by Flash Ninja Games where you must find the perfect girl in 100 days on the titular Elliv Island.

It features the usual objectives and challenges dating Sims are known to offer, such as building your stats at the gym and school, earning money from jobs and building relationships with the girls by buying them gifts and answering their questions.

Enter "hikarunogo" to maximize your stats and for near-infinite money.

Now you no longer need to train to build your stats or work to earn money. This is a good way to get a practice run, learn the answers to each girl's questions on dates and figure out which items are good for which purposes.

One of them is hikarunogo for 999999 in money The other is sagara for 500 in money, BUT, sagara gives you 700 relationship with both of the girls.

You can use both of them by typeing in one then it will say ok your cheat true...

Romantic Midnight Kiss (79%) Cheats for Elliv Island!

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Then again, I don't really play dating sims in general.

Then again, we didn't need that for the most viewed thing here.

Find in 100 days the exact girlfriend and bring her to your town.

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