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In the snowy mountains of the west, there is a settlement called Hitogata.In this place, with its strange custom of worshipping a clay doll called Hinna-sama, a woman is killed on the night of a festival.A private detective who reprises his role as protagonist in this game.

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The man is a victim of "Hinna-sama's Curse," which has resurfaced in the present...

Tokisaka Reiji acts to sever the delusions that span the war.

The villagers unanimously refer to this incident as "Hinna-sama's Curse." They say that she was cursed for worshipping Hinna-sama despite being unworthy. It's been almost two years since Kuchiki Toko was abducted from her hospital room.

Tokisaka Reiji's sister, Yukari, saves a man attempting to commit suicide.

That’s about it.” A girl who just joined Yukari's class at Ouba Girls' Academy.

She's a shy, meek girl who tends to avoid interacting with other people.In reality, he has nothing else to do, so he's just going along with it due to his passive nature. I’m supposed to be introducing myself, but there’s nothing really to introduce…He has a mature personality for better or worse, and is the type to create distance between himself and others. Oh, I recently injured my left arm so I’m a little inconvenienced by that.She's extremely socially awkward and doesn't adapt well to her new class until Yukari and Kohane start talking to her, after which she begins opening up to them.She becomes interested in painting during her interactions with Yukari and joins the art club. It’s nice to meet you.” Tokisaka Reiji's extremely well-mannered sister.All the while carrying his own delusions about Toko in his heart...

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