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Thames Gateway NHS Trust computers found at the site He takes us past the whimpering boy into the lawless heart of the dump.

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Some come from as far afield as Nigeria, Togo and Ivory Coast.

At the dump, Kofi is known as Schoolboy because he arrived here after running away from home dressed in his school uniform, the only clothes he had.

One of the computers we bought for £75 showed the prescriptions issued to patients by a pharmacy in Leeds, West Yorkshire: Viagra, disulphuram for alcohol dependence, the anti-psychotic drug quetiapine and midazolam for anxiety and insomnia.

It also revealed the patient's date of birth and personal information.'This information can be used for all sorts of terrible things: extortion, blackmail, breaking into bank accounts,' says Jim Puckett, head of the Basel Action Network, which campaigns to get the e-waste trade stopped.

I hate it here.'Who is exporting this toxic junk and causing the misery?

We find a clump of old monitors on the edge of one of the squalid slums that ring the dump site and are shocked by what we see.Then a metallic, sulphurous tang filled my throat, making me gag.As we drew nearer, my right eye began to prickle oddly, then it became harder to draw breath.'There are gangsters here, guys from prisons with machetes and cudgels who don't want to be found or photographed.Put the camera away.'We crossed a polluted river that was swarming with clouds of flies and mosquitoes and reeked of human excrement and urine.Where we were heading was highly toxic, even from half a mile away.

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