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Ice cores showed the age of a military plane buried in the artic as thousands of years old.

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Ice core sampling normally uses the assumption that the ring bands observed represents years.

One known example where this assumption was used is very misleading.

A gap in the sequence of rock layers is called an unconformity. Hutton saw that the lower rock layers are very old. There are no layers in between the ancient and recent layers.

Hutton thought that the intermediate rock layers eroded away before the more recent rock layers were deposited.

Estimates of the absolute age of prehistoric and geological events and remains amounted to little more than inspired guesswork, as there was no scientific basis for testing such proposals.” With this background, it is strange that the “standard geologic column” that identifies the rock strata on the earth and assigns very old ages to those strata was developed by Sir Charles Lyell in 1830.

This was done 100 years before absolute dating methods were available.

Rock layers may have another rock cutting across them, like the igneous rock in Figure below. To determine this, we use the law of cross-cutting relationships.

The cut rock layers are older than the rock that cuts across them.

The relative ages of rocks are important for understanding Earth’s history.

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