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Angels,” after witnessing Justin (David Henrie) and his angel girlfriend Rosie’s (Leven Rambin) mean spirited behavior, a puzzled Alex (Selena Gomez) seeks the help of Tina (China Mc Clain), a persistent guardian angel in training trying to get her wings.

Angels” premieres Friday, February 18th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

The two musicians look to have found love but now, because we love gossip and live in a world where celebs willingly splash their lives across social media for us, we know that The Weeknd’s ex girlfriend Bella Hadid has unfollowed Selena on Instagram.

Who might, possibly, be friends with Selena Gomez.* *There’s photographic evidence that she’s mates with Gigi Hadid (they spent New Year’s Eve 2015 together in Dubai), so they at least hang out in the same circle.

Friendship circles allow dating and relationships to begin. This is especially true in the celeb world, where everyone knows each other, people from the industry are all hanging out, and it’s as easy as getting your people to call their people to arrange a date.

And yes, maybe Selena and Bella and co have some sort of agreement where they don’t mind sharing their exes – after all Taylor and Gigi both dated Joe Jonas – but honestly, if you’re happy to ignore a good friend’s feelings for the possibility of some good sex, and maybe love, then you’re not the sort of friend I’d recommend.

After Tina reveals Rosie is not who she says she is, Alex worries that Justin is on a course unbecoming for a wizard and must save her brother before it’s too late “Wizards vs.

Through his dad, Justin has two half-siblings, sister Jazmyn, who was born in 2009 and brother Jaxon, who arrived into the world in 2010.

After bursting onto the music scene in 2008, thanks to his You Tube videos which were spotted by a talent manager, Justin has made some serious cash.

And if you don’t ask your friend and you just go ahead and date them, then that just makes you a truly awful person who clearly doesn’t care about your friend’s feeling, opinions, and well being. But it doesn’t get simpler than this – if you know you’re about to put your friend into a position in which they can’t win, don’t do it. And there may be many reasons why two people who dated ended things, mainly that they obviously don’t see a future together – but that doesn’t suggest that it’s okay to just jump in to bed with someone who your friend was in love with or cared for deeply or was perhaps even just mildly interested in.

Selena and Bella and The Weeknd aren’t the first – Rihanna is also, understandably, unhappy that her pal Jennifer Lopez is now hooking up with Drake, and Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed both dated Ian Somerhalder.

They’re clearly not going to end up together, and you and their ex should both be free to find love – even if it ends up being with each other.

Yes, it’d be nice if people had chats to check if everything’s okay, discussed their emotions, and ensured the relationship progresses without hurting anyone involved. And I’m tired of over-simplified, generalised rules like ‘NEVER date a friend’s ex, EVER’ preventing people from enjoying fulfilling dating lives.

The drama of hooking up with someone new so quickly after a high-profile relationship. Selena Gomez shouldn’t be shamed for daring to hook up with someone who was previously hooking up with someone she knows – even if that someone is a friend (which remains to be seen. It is, quite frankly, a little ridiculous to expect people to never, ever be interested in anyone who’s dated someone they know.

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