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© Environment Canada, 2008 The Environment Canada building at 4905 Dufferin Street in Toronto, Ontario has served as a focal point for meteorology and atmospheric science in Canada for more than 35 years.It currently houses staff from several areas of Environment Canada including the Science and Technology Branch, Meteorological Service Branch and the Canadian Wildlife Service.

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With more than 210 staff, ASTD has the largest staff complement in the building’s total population of approximately 800, including atmospheric physicists and chemists, meteorologists, statisticians, mathematicians, physical geographers, climatologists, science-policy experts and scientific support staff.

An important, co-located national research facility is the Andrew Thomson Laboratory for atmospheric chemistry (on the right in the picture above).

This has been the home of a large portion of the Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate () and its predecessors since 1971.

Currently, ASTD staff and laboratories engaged in research on air quality, climate change, meteorology and impacts and adaptation, and staff of the Science and Risk Assessment Directorate in atmospheric science assessment and integration are located here.

The site also serves as a platform for measurements of acid deposition, air quality, tropospheric ozone, greenhouse gases, and aerosols.

Highlights of the Centre include: © Environment Canada, 2008 The King City weather radar station was formed in 1984.

It is located north of Toronto along the Oak Ridges Moraine.

It is a 16.45-ha site housing Environment Canada weather radar research scientists and staff.

Through systematic measurements of physical, chemical and biological conditions, temporal changes and emerging issues can be tracked and the results of remedial measures and regulatory decisions reported.

EC’s National Laboratory for Environmental Testing delivers a broad range of specialized and ISO 17025 accredited chemical analysis with a specialization in trace metals and ultra-trace organics.

Dual polarization technology provides weather forecasters with new information so they can more accurately identify, track, assess, and warn the public of high impact weather.

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