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When she left she told her mother, “Mummy don’t miss me much.Don’t cry too much for me.” She did not know that would be the last words her daughter would ever speak to her.Before Isaacs had the baby, but after the house was finished, Garcia returned.

Isaacs reportedly escaped on the main road and Garcia got out and shot her in the face.

When police found her she was able to say her child’s father had shot her.

Finding myself working double shifts getting over 100 of hours in one pay period wasnt living I decided to live.

Quantity of money paid my bills although i was still in debt and didnt have financial convenience.

Not only did I not have what I wanted, Worry me at first have in order to enjoy days.

I'll protect you: Tot Lambkin hugs her grandson Kaiden at their home in Carenage yesterday after his father, Kahriym Garcia, killed his mother, Samantha Isaacs, before he took his own life.Lambkin went to her home and started asking questions about a relative and his car.They eventually told her that her daughter had died and when it registered she fell down. “My loving daughter killed like some dog on the road.” Isaacs attended St Francois Girls’ College and got all her passes in CXC.Garcia began living with them but Lambkin recalled he would be cursing, smoking weed, drinking rum and causing “confusion.” She kept begging Isaacs to let him go. Lambkin advised her to maintain her son herself and not bother with Garcia.A number of incidents followed: they learned Garcia’s grandmother had taken a restraining order out against him because he tried to kill her; he was shot three times while in Glencoe; Lambkin kicked him out of their home and he left, stealing thousands of dollars in jewellery; he broke into Isaacs’ room and put a knife to Lambkin’s throat before her husband fought him off; he would threaten to kill Isaacs repeatedly; and he almost ran over Isaacs’ brother. There was another incident with Lambkin’s son in Port of Spain where Garcia attempted to run him over.Photo by Roger Jacob When Tot Lambkin’s grandson told her his father, her daughter’s abusive ex-boyfriend, had a good Christmas gift for her she never imagined he had murder on his mind.

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