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Through a combination of various immunosuppressive abilities, HCMV has been suggested to be a pathogen potentially contributing to the development of cancer.

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HCMV produces several hundreds of proteins with immunomodulatory and immunosuppressive abilities to interfere with the immune defenses of the host in order to stay undetected and avoid elimination.

During recent decades, HCMV proteins and nucleic acids have been detected in a variety of tumors.

HCMV infection induced a stem cell phenotype in primary GBM cell lines as determined by changes in the cellular gene expression profile and by the conferred ability of cells to grow as neurospheres in vitro.

As CSCs are known to be resistant to chemotherapy, our results imply that HCMV may enhance the malignancy grade of the tumor, and possibly contribute to therapy resistance.

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Every five years, the mirrors of the NOT (both M1 and M2) are re-aluminized to maintain reflectivity and repair damage on the mirror surface. These images can be reproduced if credit is given to the Nordic Optical Telescope and observers listed below.

Please, read the full copyright notice for other uses.

GBM patients with signs of immunosenescence, as indicated by CD57 expression and loss of CD28 expression on CD4-positive T cells, had shorter overall survival.

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