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Hello-One of the major goals of the church is to support and assist its single adult population in finding a spouse so they can enjoy the blessings of a temple marriage.

This is probably the major reason the church has wards and branches specifically for single adults, world-wide.

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However, there are large areas of the world where the population of church members, and correspondingly, single adults, is very small.

In these areas, the dating pool for a single adult is very, very small.

Ward-hopping is increasingly frowned upon which I completely understand, and so what do we have?

I have the skills and desire to create such a website.

I have used several of the modern online dating websites including ldssingles, ldsplanet, and most recently Zoosk.

I have created profiles but have never really used them because I refuse to pay -30/mo for a subscription to talk to people.Unfortunately these and other similar websites suffer from two major problems:1) There are many such services, each with an increasingly smaller subset of the population, making it time consuming and frustrating to locate people in your area.2) They are commercial businesses, and to actively communicate with people you must subscribe. If the church wants to help its single adults to find a spouse, then I believe it should do everything in its power to facilitate this goal.It is long overdue that the church uses technology to aid this goal.I know the church has many good reasons not to attach itself to a dating web-site - they are notorious for inappropriate behavior, but I think that a org would be pretty amazing!I have started drafting up a design/plan document with some specifics.My suggestion is that the church uses the existing technology that has been developed with LDS accounts, and picture posting, and supplements this with additional text fields to allow single adults to present profiles of themselves, find other single adults, and communicate with them.

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