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At this rate, I have no idea which emails are legitimate and which ones are scams. No recovery of that info (though I gather since this experience that the company manages to keep all our profile info even after we delete our accounts).I have called's customer service numerous times to search for resolution or a refund, but they refuse to let me speak to a manager, and then usually hang up on me (and I am not being rude). I too, like many other reviewers, paid for a 3 month subscription. They were not able to remove the YES ratings that their system sent out 'on my behalf' nor did they own any responsibility at first trying to blame me. I corrected them as I had no idea what marking YES would do (and their FAQ doesn't clarify either).What kind of company puts in an auto-subscribe into a pre-billed 3 month fee??

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But I use Paypal sporadically and was not checking my account enough. I joined less than a week ago, and have received phishing emails numerous times daily. Upon subscribing, realized that in the hours since my profile was created, the MATCH system began sending out what they call 'YES' ratings on my behalf. I used the online 'chat' customer service to get them to delete them.

Every single one of these emails has been that a person has already found a match, but his or (usually) her friend saw my profile and want me to call or email him. The person on their end instead deleted the few YES ratings I had received even though I clearly noted that I was referring to the Sent folder not the Received and that there were over a dozen of them.

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I was on the site less than 48 hours and was suddenly and without notice taken off the site. My communication with other members on the site reflected my Christian values and I was taken off the site without explanation. If it says self employer or entrepreneur it's a scam and they're going to want to talk to you immediately off the site, they're going to hit you up for money.

My question is, does Match use inactive member accounts to actively communicate with and deceive current members? Besides getting frequent messages from scammers and men WAY OUTSIDE of my age range (by 20-30 years! I get it, we can't ALL be a match with everyone else on Match. Also, why does Match offer the opportunity to delineate what age range I am interested in when men 20-30 years older than me can still write me? Yes it's my fault, but when I tried to contact Match, I got no response and I had to file for bankruptcy and to say it's been difficult is an understatement.

) here's something I'm starting frequently seeing on my account. I see that he's been online in the past hour, couple of hours, twenty-four hours, etc. But when I've written over a dozen men in one week and I see the exact same pattern, it starts making me wonder. Has Match gone out and recovered/reactivated a ton of old deactivated accounts (unbeknownst to the original owner) and employed offshore people to sit around all day, logging into those accounts (to give the appearance that people are online), and read emails received from paying members (to give the impression that there is a mutual interest)? I am 55 and actually received a message from an 85-year-old man whose message literally read, "I'm a few years older than you..." A few?! I'd love to hear what others think about my insinuations regarding using inactive accounts to communicate with/deceive current members. I'll be out of this by the end of the year and can't wait.I called them on Wednesday 5/16 to try to resolve this issue. Honestly I had better luck finding dates on Craigslist. You will not meet the requirements for the Match guarantee thing. I have continuously been charged every 3 months, since December 2015 at total of .95 US.Steven, the agent I spoke to at customer service, assured me that it would be resolved and that I would get an email from his supervisor that would allow me to change my current password and be able to access my account again. I called the next day (5/17), spoke with 2 different agents and was told that they nor their supervisors could help me. There are so many stipulations that you would never be able to fulfill. Paypal records show they have withdrawn 3.65 US in the last 3 YEARS!!In my opinion, this is a misuse of financial information for the purpose of automatically securing financial gain from people who are either not reading the super-fine print, or missing the ~so called~ terms altogether.Shame on me for not spotting this sooner and that it took this long to notice. Signed up today after reviewing what little I could on the site the night before.Finally, the customer service team are inept, slow, patronising and don't comply with requests from customers for accounts to be deleted - given it's GDPR day perhaps they should be taking this more seriously. out-of-the-blue decided to suspend/cancel my account on Saturday, 5/12. The other one we went out quite a bit, then all of a sudden she flaked out on me. At the time, I was lead to believe that this was an UPFRONT payment that was to use the service for 3 months and then it`s done.

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