Consolidating excel entries

The Expand operation combines columns from a related table into a subject table.

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For an OData feed, navigation properties represent an entity with a foreign key association.

In a database, such as SQL Server, navigation properties represent foreign key relationships in the database.

Since the Total Sales query does not represent the final Total Sales per Product and Year report, you disable query download into the Excel workbook.

When the Load to Worksheet option is Off in the Queries settings pane, the data result of this query is not downloaded, but the query can still be combined with other queries in order to build the desired result.

As you perform query activities in Power Query, query steps are created and listed in the Query Settings pane, in the APPLIED STEPS list.

Each query step has a corresponding Power Query formula, also known as the "M" language.Or maybe your needs are more complex and you need to merge spreadsheets that have different formats, de-duplicating rows as you go.Some of the variations are discussed in the following sections so read on to find what you need.There are some useful features in Excel such as 'Consolidate' and 'Remove Duplicates' but these often don't quite hit the mark.The first thing to work out is what type of merge you want to do.After you perform each step, you will have a Total Sales per Product query that combines data from the Products and file and Northwind OData feed. In addition, changes to the query in Power Query modify and refresh the resulting table in the Power Pivot model.

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