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Both his uncles were professional chefs, and Andrew would spend time with them in their kitchens, banging the pans from the young age of ten.

‘I was inspired by them from a very young age,’ he says.

'An impressive integration of family with national history' PROFESSOR MURRAY PITTOCK, UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW.

'A major piece of scholarly research and writing, which is not only a revisionist account of a single clan and family, but is also a major contribution to the history of Scotland, of Britain and indeed of the British Empire.' PROFESSOR SIR DAVID CANNADINE, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.

It was he who first drew attention to the creation of a truly British titled and territorial class in the period 1780-1820, which formed the basis for Andrew’s degree dissertation: .

After Cambridge Andrew started work at Bonhams, the London auction house, where he became a specialist in Old Master Paintings, continuing to indulge his passion for particularly sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth century history.

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