Amy ray and emily saliers dating

And that’s what it’s like for fans of the Indigo Girls—especially women who were coming of age when those haunting songs of love, lust and loss were released.

Ray and Saliers may have been writing their own personal stories, but those songs became our stories, too, and we know them, somewhere deep inside of us.

So once I stepped out of my fear, it was actually not a problem at all. KW: Amy said you just opened up, and she was so surprised and thought, “Where is this coming from? But when they do, it’s kind of like “the truth will set you free.” There was no fear after that. I do believe that if you can find ways to help your courage, it helps everybody for people to come out. It is better for everyone when people come out, but I totally respect the struggle.

Amy never had any issues with it, and I just had to work through some fears, and then it was just like “Oh, ok, here we go,” and it wasn’t even a big deal. ” ES: Now that you’re mentioning it, the vague memory is coming clearer. KW: Do you have any advice for GLBT people that are struggling to come out? I was fortunate to have a family that didn’t disown me, and I went to a progressive church…I would say to seek out as much support as you can. It was easier for me than it was for a lot of people.

Meanwhile, the Indigo Girls have continued to write songs and release albums, and I have continued to listen and sing along.

I have found new ways to relate to their music, as they have evolved and found new ways to connect with their community.

Music has helped me in my personal life in that way.

KW: What can we expect from your Mankato Pride show? We’ll just be doing a bunch of songs from the discography. We love playing Prides; they’re our favorite shows. KW: How do you feel about coming back to Minnesota?I already had visions of doing that for the rest of my life. I played sort of “picky” guitar lines, and she was a rock and roll strummer.She was more drawn to alternative music, and I was more drawn to Joni Mitchell. ES: It’s so funny because Amy has this memory that’s like…(What’s that animal, the elephant or something, that remembers everything? I don’t actually remember the event, but I remember the fear surrounding the time coming up to that point.It’s sort of an exploration of music and spirituality, music and social change.We go into academic settings, community settings, churches, or places of worship, and we do these programs and talk about that.ES: We’re going to be playing with a band called the Shadowboxers. ES: We feel very close to Minnesota for different reasons. Just really strong ties to the state in general, so we’re looking forward to coming back.

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