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With the growth of the slave trade, different groups from the interior grew in wealth and power, now using firearms and gunpowder to affect their neighboring groups.

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The major ethnic groups of Ghana are the Akan, Ewe, Guan, Mole-Dagbane, and Ga-Adangbe.

The different communities which make up these groups share a common history, language, and cultural practices.

Most of the land in Ghana is low-lying, with the highest altitudes not exceeding 3,000 feet (900 meters).

Bisecting the landmass of the country is the Volta River Basin and the artificially created Lake Volta.

These other European trading groups included the British, Danes, French and the Germans.

It was not long before slaves also became objects of sale.

Within these networks, gold was the most valuable and powerful commodity traded.

In central Ghana, gold mining grew to become one of the key indirect exports across the Sahara to Europe and Asia via the great Malian kingdom to the north.

With an area of 92,098 square miles (238,533 square kilometers), it borders Burkina Faso to its north and northwest, the Ivory Coast to its west, Togo to its east and the Atlantic Ocean's Gulf of Guinea to its south.

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