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**Update** Lana goes topless for nude scene on Cinemax’s “Banshee” These pics make it pretty clear that Lana didn’t just pose nude once in her past, but many times and showed every inch of her body.

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& as with anybody else on TV from the witness of a car accident to your local weatherman.

Who isn't on TV ultimately to get something out of it?

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She currently has 3 gallery links in her own Free Ones section.

Times have changed & the teens now & people that don't understand Hip-Hop or that jut got into it the last few 6 or 7 years think that Lil Kim & the like define what a woman in Hip-Hop should be.

They don't get that no matter how cool she seems or how big her personality is shes just herself & she doesn't represent what a woman in Hip-HOP is, should be, or has been.

When some of the girls were disingenuous Flav proved 1 monkey don't stop the show.

It was reminiscent of simpler times when everything on TV wasn't so strictly formulated & shows like Love Connection were a hit (& the couples young or old dint always hit it off).

Intimate Journey (93), Sister Snatch (94), SEX 3: After Seven (94) and the Scene with Buck Adams in Suzy Superslut (95) are just mind-boggelingly hot.

My favorite all time scene is a scene from "Cheating" where that lovely body is getting drilled in a kitchen while the guys wife is out getting ice.

Cause it was cool, & that was HIP-HOP.) From 50 Cents to Nelly to Will Smith to Queen Latifah to Spike Lee anybody that was there would agree Flav was our Bill O Riley, our Red Hot Chili Peppers, our Beatles, our Bono, all rolled into 1. Back then being a female in Hip-Hop was respectable & the B-Girls/ladys got they're respect, (without shaking what they're Momma gave them or backing anything up, although they did have they're sexier dances they were usually just more feminine versions of the same dances the guys were doing.) From Mc Lyte, to Roxanne Shante, Monie Love, Lady Antoinette, Yo-Yo & IBWC to Conscious Daughters or Isis etc.

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