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Two out of six business units, Atlantic and Steel & Bulk, are managed from the Oslo office.

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Nature and Youth (Young friends of the Earth Norway) and Greenpeace Nordic have filed a historic people-powered lawsuit against the Norwegian government for granting new oil licenses in the Arctic Barents Sea.

The plaintiffs argue that the decision to hand out new licenses contravenes the Paris climate agreement and violates the right to a safe and healthy environment for current and future generations granted by the Norwegian Constitution.

For those who do not qualify for authorization, the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science offers additional training, intended to properly prepare foreign veterinarians for Norwegian conditions.

It takes about two years to complete the additional training.

Brief by the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide - ELAW.

This brief focuses on international law evaluation of the environmental impact assessment for the 23rd licensing round.The subject of the lawsuit is the government’s decision to grant new oil drilling licenses in the Norwegian Arctic, in the summer of 2016 (the 23rd licensing round).These licenses, awarded to Statoil, Chevron, Lukoil and ten other oil companies, are located in highly sensitive areas of the Arctic; new areas with no existing petroleum infrastructure.This is the first case that challenges new oil and gas drilling based on the Paris Agreement.It is also the first time that article 112 of the Norwegian Constitution will be tested in court, which could set an international precedent.We hand out the Nobel Peace Prize, and we’re ranked among the world’s top three best countries to live in.

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